Enjoy the unique location of Agape Apartments which lends itself to experience the Cape Winelands,
Cape Town and the surrounding areas, as well as the unique Birding Kingdom of the Western Cape, all from one central location; welcome to Agape Apartments.

Whether you wish to simply chill in the most spectacular surroundings, engage in an action-packed holiday with a different activity every day such as birding, deep sea fishing, ziplining through the forests, shark cage diving, quad biking through the vineyards, sandboarding down white sand dunes or kayaking with the penguins, you can experience all this from the comfort of your private little paradise at Agape Apartments.

Naturally we will do all bookings for you, arrange a bird guide and assist with transport arrangements. 

Bird Watching

Calling all birders and photographers: It’s The Place of Plenty and you are invited to come and explore the riches of the Western Cape's Feathered Friends!


Explore Food & Wine

Whether you prefer culinary festivities, an excellent meal or a man size steak, you do not have to go far to be treated like royalty and to enjoy exactly the meal which you desire!